Because He Lives

I’m just going to go ahead and lay this out there: I believe in the community church. I BELIEVE in the community church.

I know many of the reasons that people don’t like church. I understand why there are so many people who haven’t been to church in years and adamantly refuse to give the church even a moment of their time. I get it completely.

And still, I would ask anyone who reads this to reconsider. I honestly believe that inside every church in every community, no matter how big or how small, are compassionate people who genuinely care about you as a person. In every community, churches are feeding the poor, providing clothing and shelter for the homeless, hugging lonely and grieving widows, providing counseling for addicts, welcoming in strangers,  praying for people who are hurting, and doing everything we can to defend the orphan. The fatherless ones that we seek to mentor. We the Church are doing everything we can to repair the broken.

So, on the off chance that you somehow get the idea that we think we’re better than anyone else, here is a little secret: We’re all broken. Those of us smiling at you and telling you how great church is? Yeah, we are also broken. Actually, some of us are recovering addicts ourselves. Don’t let the smiles fool you, we get a lot of things wrong. Actually, let me just start with me. I’ve already copped to being a jerk. I get many things wrong and I consistently need to ask forgiveness for the same things over and over again.

But this isn’t about me. It’s about Him.

And for that very reason, next Sunday, I will get up and go to church with my family. Because Jesus lives. I go to church because I believe it is slowly making me a better person. I am becoming more like the person God wants me to be.

While I’m here to talk about mentoring and building communities, I can’t forget the real reason I am here, and that’s Jesus Christ. So, this coming Sunday, me and all the other broken people will gather together and worship the one who sweeps up all the broken pieces of our lives and puts it all back together. And that’s why I believe in the local church. Because in every community there are people who, like me, believe in kids and giving them a future. Jesus’ love for all enables us to do just that.

Thanks for reading,