Without Wax

I’m always drawn to people who are sincere. Even when I don’t like everything they say, I still find myself identifying with them because at least they are being honest with us. I don’t think I’m alone there. I think a vast majority feel the same. It’s why no one condemns Willie Nelson for being a pothead and a tax evader. (also source of the picture) He’s pretty honest about how he does both of those things.

It’s hard to be mad at anyone who is just telling us the truth about themselves. And I really struggle with this in my writing. Part of me wants to only show the side that I know is how I’m supposed to be. The part that I know is good and normal and wouldn’t be embarrassing to be broadcast all over the evening news.

It’s just that there is this other side of me which I can’t deny exists. The one that laughs at people when they fall down (you know provided they aren’t really injured like bleeding from the head), listens to horribly profane gangster rap and though I’m really trying to stop, I sometimes can’t control my own foul mouth.

I know I’m allowed to mess up now and again. I know no one holds me at fault for bad decisions I made more than a decade ago.  I neither want to celebrate all my mistakes nor ever appear as though I am “holier than thou”. I just want to be me, Warner Phelps, a good ol’ Texas boy who sincerely loves Jesus, Willie and Tupac. (and Robert Earl, and UGK and the writings of Paul)  It’s who I am, a reformed wildman trying to spread a little love in this messed up world.