The Link, Explained

I know from experience that all my words and carefully contrived explanations about what it means to receive a link for the most part fall on deaf ears.

I know because in the several cases where I have had campers return from previous years, I extend them the “privilege” of explaining what it means to earn the link. And they usually can’t do it.

And I know as a parent that kids are bad at remembering things you tell them and they’re especially bad at talking to us as adults when we ask questions like, “So what did you do to earn that link?”

I’m probably the only one out there but when I ask my kid questions like that his answer is always, “I don’t know” or more appropriately, “Uh uh uh”

So, on the chance that some parent out there wants to know what exactly The Lesson of The Link is:

In the game of basketball, and in every game, there are 2 things that you will have control over at all times.

Your attitude and Your effort. 

That’s it. Those are the only two things. There will always be a bad play, a bad pass, a better opponent, a bad ref, a hot gym, a sloppy field or court.

But you can always control your effort and your attitude.

Your attitude and your effort are THE LINK to your success. When you have a good attitude and give your best effort on every play, you are the strong link that your team needs to be successful.

You earn the link and you learn the lesson by showing your coach you understand how to have a championship attitude and giving 100% effort.


These lessons also apply in life. You can’t control very much in life. But you can always have a good attitude and put forth 100% effort.

Some of us spend our whole lives learning this lesson. It’s better if we master it when we’re young.