You’re Invited

This message is for you and intended for you. You who are reading this right now. You are invited to this party. And it is a FUN PARTY!

Being left out is the absolute worst feeling in the world. All the rejections of life come flooding back each and every time: The job you didn’t get; the girl or guy who chose someone else, and goodness gracious they just seemed so happy without you; the trip that “everyone” went on and you had to work, or just straight up did not get invited. It hurts. It probably always will.

The last thing I want in the world is to see someone with hurt feelings. It’s honestly a little bit of a flaw for me. I can’t stand to tell people no. I hate letting people down. I have gotten into a jam more than once just because I couldn’t say no. One time, hilariously, in a Mexican resort where I nearly did buy that over-priced timeshare.

I want everyone who reads these words to understand that I am speaking directly to them and they are invited to be a part of this movement. You’re one of the cool kids now and you are invited to hang out. Actually, there is no longer any such thing as a ‘cool kid’, because now NO ONE gets rejected! No one is on the outside. We are all in here together. We are hanging out and having fun. We are reading books and eating snow cones. We are making up the rules as we go. If you’re not winning at Battleship, you can cheat a little bit and I won’t say anything. If you don’t know how to play Uno, just wing it.You can finally show Michelle from 7th grade that she totally blew it when she wouldn’t give you her phone number. We can look at other people’s fun summer vacation pictures from that pristine and beautiful Micronesian beach and not be jealous at all.

What do you say? You and me, we’ll get out there and make some new friends and change our communities. Everyone will want to be a part of what we’re doing. It will be a lot of fun. Join me.