Does Mentoring Matter?

You can make a difference in lives, young and old, simply by investing in the lives of others around you already.

Charles Clark, a janitor at Euless Trinity High School, is regularly named one of the most influential people at the high school by graduating students.

How could that be, Warner? He’s just a janitor. Doesn’t he just mop, mop, mop all day long? While possibly singing a song?

It’s because he long ago decided that he would do something besides look straight past all the kids in his high school that clearly needed a role model to look up to.

So, he started paying attention to them. And doing what he could where he was. That’s all. They ceased to be invisible and he began to make a difference in their lives.

We often get caught up in doing big huge things when the truth is that if we just do something small each day for the people who are around us, we can eventually make a difference in their lives. No matter what you do, you can make a difference for someone. Everyone can do something great, even the janitor at the local high school.