The Hearts of Men (and Women!)

I said I was here to talk about mentoring and how plugging into your community can lead to a difference in peoples’ lives. Well, maybe I lied just a little.

Because we can’t be great at mentoring and the development of positive lasting friendships, if we aren’t great at loving ourselves first. I guess if you want to look at it from a positive slant, we are pretty terrific at self loathing. We are great at repressing our real feelings and not saying what we really think. We sure are terrific at that! So, we got that going for us. (which is nice)

Maybe you’re like me and have believed the lie that you have been told your entire adult life which is: “You can do this alone.” or “You don’t need anyone.” It’s just not true. After all, when was the last time you felt like you could pick up the phone and call someone up and say, “I need to talk.”. And no, your mom or dad doesn’t count. Because, for one thing, your parents aren’t meant to be your friend and mentor. They are always going to be caught up in whatever the safest answer is. And that may not be the answer you need to hear. If you need to hear someone tell you that it’s time to step outside of your comfort zone and take some risks, you will almost never get that kind of advice from a parent.

And just like you need the world, the world needs you. You are meant for so much more than isolation and and closing yourself off. Don’t believe that lie. Because underneath the great big need for people who will plug into their community, and share valuable life lessons with kids who need it, is an even greater need for adults who challenge each other to be better and give mercy when needed. Underneath the tip that we see which is the fatherless epidemic, is the large iceberg you don’t see which is the many more millions of adults who struggle with addiction, self doubt, anger and desperation, to simply name a few.

Maybe it was a lie, maybe it wasn’t, but I’m not sorry. Because while I am certainly here to encourage people to look outside their front doors and see who they can help, I believe I am here to do something even more important than that. I’m here to speak to the hearts of men (and women too!). Your community needs you.

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